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Real estate photography in Moscow / Professional interior photographer

Professional photography of facilities for rent, including daily rent. 
Duration - from 30 minutes.

If you are in this section, then you are probably looking for a photographer who will show your interior from the best side.

It is important to understand that a compact area is not a problem - the use of wide-angle optics, professional lighting and post-processing allows you to show your object as attractive as possible, to demonstrate that the apartment is cosy and comfortable, stylish in details and suitable for a long stay, so that a potential client will evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.

Bellow are some tips you need to take into account when preparing your facility for photography:


  1. The apartment must be clean. The beds are perfectly made. The curtains are completely open everywhere, the lights are on even during the daylight - check that all the bulbs are working. Windows and mirrors must be clean.

  2. A kettle, a refrigerator and a microwave must be in perfect shape.  Based on my experience, their condition is important when a potential client gets the impression if the apartment is fresh and clean. Check cutlery set  - it is useful to show them in the apartment overview.

  3. In bathroom, make sure the horizontal surfaces are clean and free of any foreign objects, as are the mirrors, tub, and sink. Towels should be neatly folded.

  4. If possible, it is better to remove all protruding and hanging wires of household electrical appliances, as well as an Internet router - during shooting, there is definitely no need to use them, and they will not add attractiveness to the apartment in the frame.

  5. Stylish little things are important - try to think them over in advance.

Question 1: How to order photography? 
Call me +7 (925) 072 71 92, or whatsapp We will discuss all the details and arrange a meeting.

Question 2: How to pay?
I arrive at your location. I photograph the apartment / facility, process photos and send you the link, after that you pay for my work.

Question 3: How quickly will the photos be ready? 
Photos will be ready and provided within 24 hours.

For a faster response, whatsapp me now !

WhatsApp / Viber: +7 925 072 7192

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